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Family-owned and operated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – LostLeaf focuses on the creation of high quality CBD products infused with organic supportive botanicals. Nothing but honest ingredients and powerful formulas in our relentless pursuit of the best.

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With an emphasis on safely made, accurately dosed, & consistent CBD products – we test each batch of our final product at an independent 3rd-party laboratory for potency, purity, and contamination. Not a single bottle leaves our doors without receiving a 100% pass in its COA (certificate of analysis).

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We believe that accessibility parallels transparency. You shouldn’t have “guess-work” while looking for relief. Every LostLeaf product has a QR code that allows you to effortlessly access the full story of the product – 24/7.

See lab results here.

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You’ll love what’s NOT inside.

Glyphosate is the most commonly used pesticide in the world… and our products are guaranteed to be free of it. Learn more.

The LostLeaf Difference

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Exceptional CBD begins with exceptional hemp. Cultivated in rich Colorado soil under abundant sunshine – completely free from heavy metals and pesticides.

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Using sanitary state-of-the art procedures, our cannabinoid-rich hemp undergoes a gentle extraction process that delicately draws the phytocompounds from the plant without sacrificing the quality. 

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Proudly crafted in the Pacific Northwest, made with pure and simple ingredients. Our products are formulated with intention by experienced individuals that are passionate about optimizing the mind & body.

Our CBD Products

Drops (Tinctures)

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Variety Collection

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Infused with the power of certified-organic supportive botanicals & adaptogenic herbs.

Good Leaf Drops – Infographic

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