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About Us

From seed to bottle, our commitment to excellence translates into everything we do.

Our Philosophy



We believe that accessibility is paramount to transparency. This is why every single bottle of LostLeaf Naturals contains a QR code that allows you to effortlessly access the full lab report of the product – at anytime. There should be no “guesswork” when looking for a product to improve your quality of life, and we firmly believe it is our responsibility to remove that roadblock for you. From seed to bottle, our commitment to excellence translates into everything we do.



Utilizing certified-organic herbs & oils, every single ingredient used in our formulas has been thoughtfully sourced and vetted. Crafted under strict supervision of a PCQI in a GMP compliant facility. The path of Quality is one we will never waver from. 2 steps forward, no steps back.

Our Process



Quality CBD products begin with quality-grown hemp. Cultivated in rich soil under abundant sunshine, completely free from heavy metals and pesticides. Grown to peak maturity for optimal cannabinoid and terpene development.



Our CBD-rich hemp undergoes a gentle extraction process that delicately draws the phytocompounds (cannabinoids & terpenes) from the plant — without sacrificing the quality.



Made with simple & pure ingredients, formulated with intention. Crafted in our GMP-compliant facility in the Richland, Washington overseen by a PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual)


Lab Testing

Every single batch is verified by Analytical 360 and lab tested for: Strength, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Microbial, Mycotoxins, & Solvents. Not a single batch leaves our doors without a clean COA (certificate of analysis).